Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blue Heron

Friday, July 27, 2012

Colorado Trip 2012

Arrival Day
       After the drive to Breckenridge Colorado our resort awaits us.  The    planning for fishing starts while I recover from altitude sickness.  The goal is to fish three different areas of the South Platte and Blue rivers.  The first destination would be the Dream Stream at Spinney Mountain Ranch. 
Day 1
After awakening my journey began towards Spinney Mountain Ranch.  Passing the Continental Divide and Hoosier Pass the journey was exciting.  Finally arriving at the Dream Stream of Spinney Mountain Ranch the weather looked promising but the fishing questionable.  Talking with outfitters and several fishermen, the fishing had been extremely slow.  After trying for eight hours up and down the stream, I only saw one rainbow caught by a local fisherman.  The rainbow neared eighteen inches.

Day 2
The destination would be the inlet to Green Mountain Resevoir.  As the scenery would seem to part a movie the weather would play hell.  After a two hour rain delay the sky finally parted.  The fishing was finally on.  After fishing the Prairie Point and Cemetery holes for eight hours, the only fish to talk was a twelve inch rainbow.  At this point the fishing was depressing but the scenery another story.

 Day 3
  The final day of fishing would be a gathering point of Buckskin Creek and The South Platte River near Alma.  Once again the weather would show itself.  The wind currents of the canyon were exceeding thirtyfive miles per hour making the fishing more difficult.  After four hours of fishing and no fish the rain started to poor.  Even though mother nature took over, you know the old saying "A bad day of fishing is always better than a good day at work".  With the Colorado trip to an end the scenery was well worth the effort alone!